Here are a list of resources that we have found incredibly powerful. If you are aware of more resources that we can add to this list, please contact us and we will add them in.


You can find the 'Awaken Your Inner Goddess' Blog here, packed full of inspiration and ideas as we come across them!  We'd love to see your comments - feel free to add them.


These books are food for your soul. We read them again and again.

Something More - Excavating Your Authentic Self : Sara Ban Breathnach. This is a fantastic book if you want to really get to the core of who you are as a woman.

Confident Networking for Career Success and Satisfaction - Gael and Stuart Lindenfield (excellent book for the new and experienced networker who is not as confident as they would like to be. Packed full of hints, tips and exercises)

The One Minute Millionaire - perfect if you want to make a difference to others and to overcome your own challenges with money

Unlimited Power - Anthony Robbins (makes you realise you can be so much more than you thought you could be)

Succulent Wild Women by Sark. Rediscover your femininity and creativity at the same time. Sark is just naturally herself, and her unique style is inspiring and infectious. Great for women everywhere - how to live life with passion smile

The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle. This is a 'must read' if, like us, you have ever had a tendency to be a 'control freak' at times in your life! Ever wondered why your relationship had lost it's intimacy? This book will open your eyes!! 

A Dance In The Desert - Mindy Gibbons-Klein (half the profits go to charity. A fantastic story by a fellow Ecademist that will really grip you - very difficult to put down once you start reading it!!)


Pay It Forward
(definitely worth watching if you haven't seen it!)

Good Will Hunting (fabulous film - inspired me to get off my backside and follow my dreams)

Babe ('cos I love border collies, and the farmer is a man with a dream smile

Bridget Jones (we've all had those moments!!)

Love Actually (great feelgood film!)

Dead Poet's Society (inspirational! Fantastic example of leadership and daring to be different)

Jerry Maguire - (in fact, anything with Tom Cruise or Ben Affleck in it (shallow or what wink )

The Secret - excellent and very compelling film, revealing the secret to manifesting abundance in life


Here are some of the websites we regularly visit and highly recommend - they are fantastic!

Wild Juicy Women - website is a fantastic site for women worldwide. Established by Alli Rayel - a wild juicy woman and wondermum herself who inspires her girlfriends to celebrate their femininity! Alli has pioneered the running of Wild Juicy Women events - a fabulous mix of fun activities with fabulous healthy food. These are not-to-be-missed! The event schedule is on Alli's site.

Planet Sark - website http://www, is full of fun, creative and inspiring resources for women. We love this site! If you have a few minutes to play, we definitely recommend you take a look at Sark's site!


What is CanDoCanBe?   CanDoCanBe is a specialist support provider for women in business. Services offered exclusively to women include life coaching and business coaching, one day workshops, supporting women starting up in business through our women's enterprise programme and women's network events in Surrey and Hampshire.

Run by women for women, we understand the challenges you have to face. Whether you feel you have a work/life imbalance, child care issues, a lack of confidence or difficulties in getting finance to start your own business, we can help you realise what you need to do to become the business woman you want to be.

CanDoCanBe was founded by Karen Skidmore in the summer of 2004. Having spent the majority of her career as a Director with a FTSE 100 recruitment group, she became disillusioned with her corporate career after returning to work after her second child. Living in Hindhead, Surrey with her husband and two children, aged 6 and 4, Karen is now an accredited coach with the European Coaching Foundation, workshop facilitator and regularly speaks at women networking events and conferences.

Who are Transforming Dreams Ltd?

Established in Feb 2004, we believe that everyone has unique potential within them. We enable individuals to harness that potential and so to transform their lives. We specialise in providing professional training, mentoring and coaching and that enables our clients to identify and understand what their own personal unique abilities, values and beliefs are. We help them to consciously design their lives in line with these - so that their lives reflect who they really are. Transforming lives is not just a profession to us - it's a passion!

Christine Clacey is the Founder and Principal Coach at Transforming Dreams Ltd. Christine is an ITS-trained NLP Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation as well as a certified NLP Master Practitioner. Her career includes 19 years in a variety of senior management roles in international business. An experienced line manager, business manager and trained mentor as well as a professional coach, Christine has for many years provided coaching and mentoring advice and guidance to employees, colleagues and external business contacts in the IT industry and associated industries.

With the foundation of Transforming Dreams Ltd, Christine now passionately pursues her life ambition, enabling others to find their purpose, to play to their strengths and to create the fulfilling life they were born to live.

Christine specialises in helping professionals, and particularly women, become natural leaders. Christine's coaching expertise includes: leadership skills, relationship coaching, achieving work-life balance, career management, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem, public speaking, mentoring and coaching for coaches and new business owners.

 Christine is a popular professional speaker and is a Trainer for the Anthony Robbins organisation. She is also an authorised Results Coaching in 60 Seconds Trainer and is a trained Core Process Practitioner for The Flame Institute.