Real Relationships

Attract your Perfect Partner and Create your Ultimate Relationship

In today's busy world there is little time to invest in finding or keeping your perfect partner. What may start off as a match made in heaven can soon become a disillusioned divide with two individuals finding themselves going in opposite directions, and ultimately end as a destructive divorce, with the pressures of career, finance, family and more crowding in on you both.

What was once a couple can become two bruised and battered singles, not knowing where they went wrong and fearing a repeat performance with a future partner.

No-one teaches us at school how we need to be, to attract the perfect partner and maintain a loving relationship. We see the example our parents set us, which is not necessarily the model of a perfect partnership. Often we end up repeating the mistakes that they made!

For women, particularly those in business or single mothers, there is pressure to achieve goals, reach targets and compete on the same level as men. Women pride themselves on being independent, self sufficient, dependable in a crisis ... in fact, no longer requiring a man in their lives as they carry out both roles.

For men, there has been pressure to become a 'new man' - to show yourself as sensitive, caring, willing to get in touch with your feelings, able to cook in the kitchen and become a househusband if necessary. No longer filling the old role of hunter gatherer, men have lost their sense of being in command and in control.

With all this role reversal, it is no wonder that individuals seeking to create or maintain a relationship struggle to work out roles and rules that work for both and bring out the best in both.

Our Relationship Coaches specialise in helping you be at your best, so that you create the relationship of your dreams, with the perfect partner for you. We will help you understand why you feel the way you do today, and how to easily and effortlessly get back in touch with your natural and attractive self.

You deserve the perfect partner and the ultimate relationship for you. Why wait a moment longer? Get in touch today and we will help you start living that life that you deserve. You can call Christine Clacey, our trained Relationship Coach, directly on +44 1189 735982 or email her at